For hazard assessments relating to the use of handheld fire extinguishers, those risks are almost exclusively found to exist in fire class A. There is no need for foam extinguishers in areas like these, especially in terms of environmental protection and secondary costs.

For areas like these, FLN has developed specific non-fluorinated water extinguishers that achieve great firesuppression results in fire class A.

These are rechargeable extinguishers with an internal propellant bottle, and are activated by striking the pushbutton. The pistol rotates and can be switched on and off at any time, enabling a precisely controlled jet of agent to be directed at the heart of the fire.

The agent consists of water and Formula A NPCA, a non-fluorinated additive. It is characterized by highly effective fire suppression properties, enabling it to achieve very high ratings as well as great resistance to flashback.


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Optional Equipment

Flexible plastic hoods:

907720: Plastic cover with rubber 6kg

Floor Stands:

607310: Floor stand for a fire extinguisher 3,6,9,12 kg / l, red lacquered

0253255: Floor stand for a fire extinguisher 3,6,9,12 kg / l, easy to carry, white lacquered

0253256: Floor stand for a fire extinguisher 3,6,9,12 kg / l, easy to carry, electro galvanized

607311: Floor stand for two fire extinguishers 3,6,9,12 kg / l, red lacquered

Sheet Metal Protection Cabinets:

907480: Sheet metal cabinet, 2 fire extinguishers up to 12 kg, door can be sealed with rotating handle, with slanting roof; Red Outside dimensions: H755 x B600 x T220 mm

907470: Brass cabinet HL070, red, with sloping roof, without back wall, door with rotary handle and sealable; Outside dimensions: H730 x B370 x T240 mm

Plastic protective boxes:

907695: Protective cover crystal, gray base, transparent cover, panic closure, outside dimensions: H715 x B310 x T230

907754: Rimbox 155, red lid with viewing window, robust design; Outside dimensions: H674 x B313 x T255

607130: Plastic protective case 600 for 6kg / l with neuruppin lettering; Red, with viewing window; Outside dimensions: H670 x B310 x T255

607060: Plastic box 6/9 kg, base gray, transparent cover, with neuruppin embossing, outer dimensions: H645 x B320 x T220

Stand Ring:

201122: Plastic foot ring diameter 150 black

Vehicle Holder:

200590: 6l Vehicle holder with support √ł150


Charging (I): 6

Extinguishing Agent: Formula A NPCA

Rating: 43A

Temperature (°C): 0 / +60

Weight (kg): 10.2

Width (mm): 290

Height (mm): 545

Discharge Time(s): 43

Effective range (m):

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