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P 12 D

Neuruppin stored pressure powder extinguisher for use on Class B and C fire risks.

This type of extinguisher is used wherever the primary risk is liquid fires and/or gas fires, in particular at locations for oil and gas generation and further processing, in the chemical industry and in storage facilities for flammable liquidsenergy industriesoffice buildings.

  • Can be used to fight Class B and C fires

  • High rating assures safety margin

  • Maximum safety margin if accidentally used on electrical devices (compared to other extinguishants)

  • Designed for easy service and maintenance

  • Steel cylinder finished in red high-quality polyester powder coating, free from TGCI

  • Bursting disk protects against overpressure

  • Optional plastic foot ring available

  • Optional vehicle bracket mounting available

  • Special corrosion-proof models available as with stainless steel tank (see P 6/12 DKX or PG 6/12 DX)


Charging (kg): 12

Extinguishing Agent: Neutrex BC

Rating: 233B C

Temperature (°C): -30 / +60

Weight (kg): 18

Width (mm): 250

Height (mm): 620

Discharge Time(s): 30

Effective range (m): 6 - 7

Approvals: CE*, EN3, WM**

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