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The P 6 DKX is a BC powder extinguisher with corrosion-resistant design. Stainless steel container, nickel-plated brass fittings with stainless steel handles and stainless steel hose connections also assure function under severe operating conditions, e.g. the action of salt water in offshore applications.

This fire extinguisher is used wherever liquid fires and / or gas fires are the main risk, Especially at oil and gas production and processing sites, in the chemical industry, in warehousing for combustible liquids, mining, agriculture, port facilities and other coastal areas.

  • Applicable to fire class B and C fire

  • High-quality, foam-compatible BC powder Made in Germany

  • Maximum possible ratings according to EN3: 233B / C = 15 fire extinguishing units

  • Greater safety when spraying electrical installations (max. 1000 V at at least 1 m distance)

  • High-quality corrosion protection by stainless steel containers with special plastic coating

  • Robust nickel-plated brass valve with lever handles

  • Valve handles made of stainless steel

  • Test valve and pressure gauge as standard

  • Hose connections made of stainless steel

  • Designed for ease of maintenance and servicing

  • Wall mount as standard

  • Extinguisher Made in Germany


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Optional Equipment

Flexible plastic hoods:

907720: Plastic cover with rubber 6kg

Floor Stands:

0253256: Floor stand for a fire extinguisher 3,6,9,12 kg / l, easy to carry, electro galvanized

607310: Floor stand for a fire extinguisher 3,6,9,12 kg / l, red lacquered

0253255: Floor stand for a fire extinguisher 3,6,9,12 kg / l, easy to carry, white lacquered

607311: Floor stand for two fire extinguishers 3,6,9,12 kg / l, red lacquered

Sheet Metal Protection Cabinets:

907480: Sheet metal cabinet, 2 fire extinguishers up to 12 kg, door can be sealed with rotating handle, with slanting roof; Red Outside dimensions: H755 x B600 x T220 mm

907470: Brass cabinet HL070, red, with sloping roof, without back wall, door with rotary handle and sealable; Outside dimensions: H730 x B370 x T240 mm

Plastic protective boxes:

607130: Plastic protective case 600 for 6kg / l with neuruppin lettering; Red, with viewing window; Outside dimensions: H670 x B310 x T255

907695: Protective cover crystal, gray base, transparent cover, panic closure, outside dimensions: H715 x B310 x T230

607058: Plastic protective cover GEPAX 7006, DIN 5510; Gray, 2 hook locks; Exterior dimensions H605 x B270 x T210

607062: Plastic box 6kg with 2 metal hook locks, gray base, transparent cover

607060: Plastic box 6/9 kg, base gray, transparent cover, with neuruppin embossing, outer dimensions: H645 x B320 x T220

907754: Rimbox 155, red lid with viewing window, robust design; Outside dimensions: H674 x B313 x T255

Stand Ring:

201122: Plastic foot ring diameter 150 black

Vehicle holder:

0253274: Vehicle holder with storage basket

200586: Vehicle holder with support and long holes 6kg

200550: Vehicle holder with 6kg support

200590: 6l Vehicle holder with support √ł150


Charging (kg): 6

Extinguishing Agent: BC 101K

Rating: 233B / C

Temperature (°C): -30 / +60

Weight (kg): 9,4

Width (mm): 255

Height (mm): 540

Discharge Time(s): 17

Effective range (m): 5 - 6

Approvals: CE (2014/68/EU, EN 3

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