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PG 50 A (5/10)

Neuruppin wheeled extinguisher units are equipped with external cartridges and available with a range of different sizes and extinguishants. Stored pressure options are also available.

The main areas of application are warehousing, garages, heavy and chemical industry, power stations, energy industries, agriculture, airports, transport and shipping

  • Powerful ABC powder extinguishers

  • High fire ratings and extinguishant throwing distances, which enhances safety margins

  • Charging technology

  • Powder extinguisher with foam-compatible extinguishant

  • ABC and BC powder versions available

  • Large diameter neck ring for easy service inspection

  • 2 wheels and support bracket to maintain securely in an upright position

  • 5m and 10m hose available (powder and foam)

Optional Equipment

Flexible plastic hoods:

607055: Red Plastic coating for 50kg / l

907740: Plastic coating transparent for 50kg / l


Charging (kg): 50

Extinguishing Agent: ABC Pulver

Rating: A, IIB, C

Temperature (°C): -30 / +60

Weight (kg): 85

Width (mm): 455

Height (mm): 1115

Discharge Time(s): 37

Effective range (m): > 5

Approvals: CE*, EN1866

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