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S 50 Free CAFS

Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS) are compressed air foam devices characterized by particularly homogeneous foam, a high adhesion of the foam also on vertical surfaces and by a comparatively high throwing distance (also vertical) distinguish. The mixing of the foaming agent with the propellant gas (nitrogen) already takes place at the exit of the extinguishing agent container and not in the nozzle.

All S 50 CAFS models are based on mobile 50 L foam devices, and have a stainless steel container with safety valve, 5 l nitrogen bottles with Pressure reducer, nitrogen supply system and Hoses with foam pipe a uniform construction.

The S 50 Free CAFS uses a fluorine-free foam concentrate. This makes this type particularly environmentally friendly. The fluorine-free additive is stored in a closed concentrate cartridge, which is released only in case of use by the build-up of pressure.

  • Homogeneous high adhesion foam, even on vertical surfaces

  • Constant throw over the entire injection time

  • Stainless steel extinguishing agent tank with safety valve

  • Fluorine-free foam extinguishing agent

  • Foam concentrate in separate cartridge


Datenblatt [DE] > PDF  Translation: NL

Optional Equipment

Flexible plastic hoods:

607055: Red Plastic coating for 50kg / l

907740: Plastic coating transparent for 50kg / l


Charging (I): 50

Extinguishing Agent: Water + Fluorine-free

Rating: A / II B

Temperature (°C): +5 / +60

Weight (kg): 90

Width (mm): 475

Height (mm): 1030

Discharge Time(s): 110

Effective range (m): 10-12 horizontal; 8 vertikal

Approvals: EN 1866-1 ; CE

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