S 6 Ai-TF

Frost protected against class A and B fires

Optimum fire protection outdoors and in unheated areas the NEURUPPIN foam extinguisher S 6 Ai-TF is an ideal choice. The robust device "Made in Germany" is effective on both solid and liquid fires. Thanks to the extinguishing agent, which is frost-protected down to -30°C, the foam extinguisher can also be used reliably in winter.

The robust, well thought-out and maintenance-friendly design of the S 6 Ai-TF promises a long service life and effectiveness in an emergency. The ergonomically optimal design and the self-explanatory functionality allows even inexperienced laymen, fires to combat effectively: pull the locking pin, lever handle depress and point the extinguishing agent nozzle towards the fire. With 6 liters of extinguishing agent, a high rating (21 A/144 B) and the device fights fires with a service life of up to 37 seconds is particularly effective. Durable and easy to maintain thanks to the robust tank that is 100% pressure-tested at the factory. Steel and corrosion-resistant fittings makes S 6 Ai-TF very durable. In addition, the large maintenance opening allows simple and time-saving service work.

Areas of Application
• Firefighting for fire classes A and B
• Public facilities
• Agriculture & forestry
• Public transport
• Regional & international passenger transport
• Freight & long-distance transport
• Manufacturing companies & crafts
• Transportation
• warehouses & cold stores


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Optional Equipment

Vehicle holder:

200098: Vehicle holder with 2 straps and with support


Extinguishing Agent: Neufoam FO

Rating: 21A 144B

Temperature (°C): -30 / +60

Weight (kg): 12

Width (mm): 260

Height (mm): 484

Discharge Time(s): 37

Effective range (m): 6

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