F 50 A

Neuruppin fat fire extinguishers are effective at fighting Class F fires (cooking oils / cooking fats) and minimise the risk of re-ignition through chemical reaction a. Primary use of the F 50 A will be in the food industry, industrial-scale deep-friers, bakeries with grease baths, and storage facilities for cooking oils and cooking fats.

  • Specialist extinguishant puts out flames immediately and prevents re-ignition

  • Extended throw range provides a safety distance from the fire

  • Extinguishant container made of stainless steel, also with red PVC coating

  • Pressure relief valve assures constant pressure and throwing width throughout service life

  • Safety and non-return valve are standard

  • 3 wheels provide safety against accidents with the appliance while in use

  • Big container opening for ease of maintenance

  • 5m robust hose with extinguisher pistol

10 kg250 kg

Optional Equipment

Flexible plastic hoods:

607055: Red Plastic coating for 50kg / l

907740: Plastic coating transparent for 50kg / l


Charging (Ikg): 50

Extinguishing Agent: Totalon AB

Rating: A, F

Temperature (°C): 0 / +60

Weight (kg): 88

Width (mm): 470

Height (mm): 1030

Discharge Time(s): 115

Effective range (m): > 5

Approvals: CE*, EN1866

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