Freeze Protected Water (Cartridge and Stored Pressure) - January 2015

Models: W 6 SKF-1, W 9 SKF-1 (Cartridge) W 6 DF-1 and W 9 DF-1 (Stored Pressure)

The Neuruppin water extinguisher range offers excellent performance, achieved by using water extinguishant for the lowest environmental impact.

There are a wide range of application opportunities for freeze protected water extinguisher such as: public buildings and transport, outside storage and industrial areas , agricultural sites and warehouses.

Product Features:

  • Special for use on A fire risks

  • Higher fire ratings for all 6l and 9l models enhances safety margin

  • Safety margin due to tested use on electrical equipment (up to 1000V at 1m distance)

  • Pressures only when in use (cartridge operated version)

  • Enhanced corrosion protection with additional internal corrosion protection via 1mm internal PE coating, tested twice to ensure layer protection quality

  • Large diameter neck ring for easy service inspection

  • Swirl effect spray nozzle to optimise droplet size and improve discharge projection range

  • Steel cylinder finished in red high quality polyester powder coating, free from TGCI

  • Stored pressure models with pressure gauge and pressure check valve

  • User friendly long duration of operation

  • Available with plastic foot ring

  • vehicle mounting bracket