Extension of the Water Mist extinguisher range - April 2015

In 2013 Neuruppin applied the globally recognised water mist technology to fire extinguishers in the low-pressure range. A higher cooling efficiency can now not only be reached for A-class fires, but B and F-class fires can also be extinguished with water mist through oxygen displacement and using less water, while at the same time being kind to the environment.

Additionally to the well-known W 6 WNA, FLN created new models to cover the growing market requirements:

  • W 6 WNA plus: Cartridge operated with a higher A-rating 21A / (21B) / 40F (6 LE)

  • W 6 WNL: Stored Pressure with a higher A-rating 21A / (21B) / 40F (6 LE)

  • W 2 WNL: Stored Pressure for smaller fire risks 5A / 5F/

The main areas of application are offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, care homes, children's facilities, event locations, trade fairs, museums and exhibitions, detention centres and trade and commerce.

Product Features

  • Tiny water droplets between 20 and 100 ?m form a mist with a considerably increased reaction surface

  • This eliminates an enormous amount of thermal energy from the fire (approx. 2.5 MJ per litre) and noticeably reduces the radiated heat

  • Water mist offers greater safety when sprayed onto electrical systems

  • Secondary damages caused by extinguishing agent exposure (cleaning costs, damage of equipment/inventory, vandalism) are extremely low, since water is only used in small quantities

  • As well as A-ratings, positive test results on B and F-class fires up to 21B/40F in accordance with EN3

  • No obstruction of visibility when extinguishing

  • Long spraying times - beneficial for inexperienced users

  • Personal injuries almost impossible, even when spraying on directly (low kinetic energy of the water mist jet)

  • Minimum consequential costs of renewing and disposing fire extinguishing agents