New Product : Corrosion resistant stored pressure powder extinguisher

Neuruppin 6kg and 12kg stored pressure powder extinguisher for use on Classes ABC or BC fire risks.

This type of extinguisher is used across all places with heavy environmental influences including offshore, ports, heavy and chemical industry, oil and gas industry, energy industries, airports.

Product features:

  • Use ABC or BC fire risks

  • Special corrosion resistant design concept

  • Stainless steel cylinder with plastic coating

  • Nickel-plated brass valves with stainless steel grips

  • Corrosion resistant hose assembly

  • High fire rating which enhances safety margins by using a Made in Germany high quality ABC or BC powder

  • Powder is foam compatible

  • Maximum safety margin if accidentally used on electrical devices, compared to other extinguishing agents

  • Designed for easy service and maintenance

  • Available with plastic foot ring