New Product : Freeze Protected Foam (Cartridge and Stored Pressure)

Models: S 6 SKF-1, S 9 SKF-1 (Cartridge) S 2 DF-1 , S 6 DF-1 and S 9 DF-1 (Stored Pressure)

The Neuruppin cartridge and stored pressure operated foam extinguisher range offers a very efficient localised discharge using only a small amount of environmentally friendly foam agent on the base of C6 Telomers. Benefits of this range include a greatly reduced clean-up cost when compared to powder extinguishers.

This type of extinguisher is used across all types of fire risk protection A and B, storage (including flammable liquids), warehousing, chemical and energy industries, public buildings, construction areas, traffic and vehicles, tunnels and more.

Product Features

  • Friendly eco-foams on C6 Telomer base

  • Universal use on Class A and B fire risks

  • Higher fire ratings for all 6l and 9l models

  • A stable AFFF layer reduces the risk of re-flash

  • Anti-freeze protection -30°C to +60°C

  • Tested for accidental use on electrical equipment (up to 1000V at 1m distance)

  • Pressurised only when in use (cartridge operated models)

  • Enhanced corrosion protection with additional internal corrosion protection via 1mm internal PE coating, tested twice to ensure layer protection quality

  • Large diameter neck ring for easy service inspection

  • Special spray nozzle to optimise droplet size and improve discharge projection range

  • User friendly long duration of operation

  • Available with plastic foot ring